Numerola® Ltd is the leading provider of simulation services in Finland. We have served a variety of industrial fields for 20 years. Our toolset includes a large variety of mathematical calculation methods, from which we select the optimal ones for each respective customer. Our strength lies in a comprehensive understanding of the phenomena involved, a wide-ranging perspective and an uncompromising interpretation of the results. Our staff are highly trained and committed to their work. Our mission is to use the latest simulation technology to improve the operational capabilities of our customers.

  • Customer-orientation, flexibility and responsibility are the values that guide our operations. We improve the competitiveness of our customers by implementing the latest advances in simulation technology as tools in process and product development as well as design. Well simulated is half done.


Modelling, simulation and optimisation

  • Multidisciplinary mathematical modelling
  • Computational optimisation

Technical calculation

  • Data analysis (analytics)
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Heat transfer
  • Computational acoustics, noise modelling

Software technology

  • Customised analysis and design tools
  • IoT
  • Analysis applications for technical calculation
  • Applications based on geographical data


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