Long and strong co-operation between Ilmatar and Numerola: Case Piiparinmäki wind farm

Numerola, a specialist in wind resource and wind energy yield assessment, has successfully supported Ilmatar Energy in sale of the 211.4 MW Piiparinmäki wind farm project in central Finland. As a result of the financing process, Glennmont Partners, one of Europe’s largest clean energy fund managers, acquired Project Piiparinmäki from Ilmatar Energy, a joint venture between Omnes-managed Capenergie 3 and Ilmatar Windpower plc.

To support Ilmatar Energy during the financing process, Numerola provided a variety of assessment services bringing together a multidisciplinary team of experts to undertake an integrated assessment and review of different aspects, such as wind measurement quality and wind resource assessments, simulation of various lay-out and turbine specification scenarios, turbine site assessment as well as energy yield assessment that were documented in a thorough way meeting the international standards. Numerola’s team also collaborated closely with the developer to ensure that the selected turbine model best demonstrated the characteristics to operate within the challenging environment.

Erkka Saario, CEO of Ilmatar Energy, is satisfied with the cooperation:

“The challenging environment and complex site topography meant that Numerola’s collaborative approach to turbine selection, layout, and placement was crucial to guarantee maximum energy production over the life-time of the wind farm. Profound knowledge of preparing such assessments played an important role in the successful implementation of the project.”

About Piiparinmäki wind farm

Piiparinmäki onshore wind farm, located in central Finland, is ready to build with construction commenced in October 2019. It will be powered by 28 Vestas EnVentus V150-5.6 MW wind turbines and 13 Vestas V150-4.2 MW wind turbines. Once operational, the Piiparinmäki wind farm will be the largest wind farm in Finland, a significant wind power asset in the Nord Pool area, and one of the largest unsubsidized wind farms in Europe.

Erkka Saario


Ilmatar Energy Ltd

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