Numerola's storm damage modeling helps target investments correctly

LE-Sähköverkko Ltd carried out a comprehensive storm damage modeling for its electricity distribution network with Numerola. Storm damage modeling brought systematicity and certainty to decision-making. The information is utilized in the maintenance and renewal of the network.

LE-Sähköverkko Ltd is an electricity network company owned by Lahti Energia Ltd, which takes care of the security of supply of the electricity transmission and distribution network in Lahti area. The company has a total of 4800 kilometers of electricity network maintained in Lahti, Hollola and Asikkala regions. In town areas, the electricity network is mainly made in underground, but in sparsely populated areas there are still about 400 kilometers of medium voltage power lines in the air. In 2019, LE-Sähköverkko ordered storm damage modeling for this medium voltage network.

– Our mission is to guarantee the uninterrupted and cost-effective distribution of electricity to customers in our area. Security of supply requires us to continuously monitor, maintain and renew the electricity network. We know our area quite well, but we wanted accurate storm damage modeling of the entire power grid to support planning and decision making. Numerola’s service was cheap compared to the benefits we received, says Antti Rautiainen, CEO of LE-Sähköverkko Ltd.

There are alternatives to underground cabling once risky areas have been identified

Overhead line repair costs and timber clearing costs caused by storm damage are a significant expense for network companies. Still, ground cabling should not be done for safety reasons, especially if the overhead lines still have decades of life expectancy. Once risk areas are identified in advance, the necessary network improvement measures can be planned and implemented before storm damages occur.

– Storm damage modeling brought systematic and certainty to investment-related decision-making. The information helps us to prioritize measures aimed at improving the security of supply of the electricity network. If the overhead line still has lifetime remaining, we will clear the identified risk trees instead of accomplishing underground cabling. Smaller investments also lead to lower prices for our customers. We also utilize modeling data in the timing of underground cabling investments, Rautiainen states.

Storm damage modeling data is long-lasting and versatile

Numerola’s modeling combines network data with data from terrain and trees and builds wind model based on precise physics. The modeling provides reliable information on different wind scenarios.

– Storm damage modeling required just little work from us. We received an illustrative digital report from Numerola with various comprehensive scenarios. We took the information generated by the modeling into our network information system. Our design and maintenance experts can utilize the information produced by modeling directly from our system, Rautiainen says.

Antti Rautiainen


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