When in need of more in-depth mathematical expertise, we call Numerola

Ramboll is an international design and consultation company that implements significant development projects. The assessment of financial, social and environmental impacts is an essential element in the planning and permit acquisition process of a project. We utilise mathematical modelling and analyses in impact assessment.

In cases where we need in-depth and specialised mathematical expertise, we turn to Numerola. Too often experience-based information is deemed sufficient for impact assessment. Mathematical analysis and modelling produce reliable information to support planning and decision-making.

Product development in close cooperation across a variety of sectors

We have implemented a wide range of modelling and analysis projects with Numerola. The analyses have always involved the numerical processing and analysis of a large data set. In the context of zoning and planning of built environments, we have conducted wind condition assessments as well as dust propagation analyses, for example. The data gained through these analyses has been utilised in the design process and the structural solutions of buildings. As regards project planning for industrial facilities, we have cooperated in particular in determining environmental impacts. We have modelled the spreading of particulates and gaseous emissions in the atmosphere and water systems.

In wind power projects, we have leaned on Numerola’s strong methodological expertise in computational fluid dynamics in wind condition analyses and production calculations. We worked closely to develop output calculations used in the planning of wind power projects. In addition to this, we have collaborated to develop an effectivity assessment method for the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes).

Numerola never shies away from a challenge

We have worked with Numerola to apply in-depth mathematical modelling expertise in ways that benefit society. In my opinion, we have been very successful in this endeavour. Numerola’s experts are highly capable and efficient partners. Our cooperation is based on mutual trust and open dialogue. The Numerola crew never shy away from a difficult challenge. They are always ready to tackle even the craziest of ideas.

I personally think that many projects in the planning phase would benefit greatly from Numerola’s modelling expertise. Product development could use modelling to identify unfeasible ideas even before prototyping. In construction projects, wind condition modelling could be used to avoid structural solutions that are unsuitable for the conditions. The savings could amount to millions. At Ramboll, we conduct our design and analysis activities based on customer needs. Numerola has been a trusted partner in helping us serve our customers for two decades.


Joonas Hokkanen

Senior Consultant

Ramboll Ltd