Numerola’s wind condition analyses are accepted by international banks

Taaleri is a wealth management company with €5.6 billion in assets to manage. The aim of the renewable energy segment established in 2010 is to find and develop energy infrastructure projects and enable Taaleri clients to access them. We have invested more than €600 billion in renewable energy over the past eight years.

So far, we have developed and implemented 12 wind power projects in Finland, making us the second largest producer of wind power in the country.  Our cooperation with Numerola began in 2011 when we commissioned our first wind condition analyses from them. We have utilised Numerola’s expertise in almost all of our wind power projects in Finland.

Dominating with verifiably accurate wind condition analyses

At the beginning of the cooperation, I noticed that the potential of the Numerola experts was staggering. Very often, wind condition analyses are based on a linear vector model, which may not always yield a realistic picture of the wind conditions in the rolling and forested terrain typical in Finland. The CFD-based model used by Numerola is more effective in taking complex topographies and turbulence into account, making it by far the best analysis method for our purposes.

Numerola’s excellence in wind condition analyses stems from their in-depth mathematical expertise. Another strong point of their wind condition analyses is their precision. When the production output of wind power projects has later been compared with Numerola’s calculations, they have been found to be surprisingly accurate. I myself have learned a lot about wind condition analyses in working with Numerola.

Basis for investment decisions valued at hundreds of millions

Wind condition and production calculations enable us to anticipate risks and select the most suitable technology and turbine elevation in the planning and construction phase.

High-quality analyses from independent third parties are required to gain project funding and make investment decisions that can be valued at hundreds of millions. This means that the provider of the analyses must be credible and competent. Numerola has proven that it has these qualities many times over.


Taamir Fareed

Head of Development

Taaleri Energia Oy