Our wide-ranging understanding ensures accurate results interpretation

Head of the Department of Physics at the University of Jyväskylä Markku Kataja has known Numerola as a company for its entire history. Kataja has worked with Numerola on a variety of projects, but characterising the cooperation as straightforward project work would be selling it short. The efforts have led to an in-depth dialogue spanning years and years.

Kataja is a developer and researcher of physics-based mathematical models, while Numerola’s expertise focuses mainly on calculation. The combination has created a fluent operating model in which the experimental activities and modelling conducted at the university blend organically with the numerical solution produced by Numerola.

According to Kataja, the technology and approach utilised by Numerola is typically well suited to complex contexts with a great deal of variables.

“The system’s internal operating principles are complex and include many variables that affect the end result. Usually, a numerical solution is the only option in these situations. The initial physical modelling may be difficult and the numerical solution added on top is also intricate. Ultimately, it all culminates in the interpretation. The process is challenging and requires a deep understanding of everything involved,” Kataja says.

Kataja encapsulates the core of Numerola’s expertise as the management and modelling of numerical methods.

“In our department, numerical analysis is not part of the core activities, which is why it is good to have a partner that applies the research results in practice. The numerical tools developed by Numerola (such as the modelling environment Numerrin) are consistently much more efficient than what we can muster.

Numerola has applied the models developed by Kataja in paper machine environments, for example. Kataja considers it important that there are organisations that actively convey research data from universities to companies which then use the information to benefit society at large.

“In my opinion, Numerola is different from other companies in the field in that they do not focus on numerical analysis alone. Instead, their expansive approach involves a wider understanding of technologies and phenomena. This helps them to go deeper and understand the big picture.”


Markku Kataja

Professor, Head of the Department of Physics

University of Jyväskylä