We simulate complex processes and quickly form a vision of how to tune production to the top by combining our technology and process expertise with data analysis. As part of Afry we offer an even wider range of simulation services for industrial digitization and green energy. We are a mathematical simulator that brings a new perspective to digitalization and strategic development.

New technologies are being developed at an accelerating pace to ensure a sustainable and carbon-neutral future. The entire process industry sector seeks and develops solutions to the challenges of overall efficiency and sustainability. It requires modernization of technologies, products and production processes. Simulation is one of the most important methods in the design and validation of these.

The change in business operations, especially in the pulp & paper & board sector and in new wood-based products, has encouraged us to innovate new solutions in simulation-based design methods, production process monitoring and new types of digital solutions.

Our offer:

  • Strong expertise in the development of new technologies and production processes and testing using simulation technology
  • Easy-to-use solutions for information management
  • New innovations in a cost-effective digital simulation environment for testing
  • New types of tools, such as digital twins, for production planning, management and optimization

Our customers value us for high quality, knowledgeable and confidential service. We bring mathematical methods into software solutions, choose the most suitable ones from a wide range of methods and present the results clearly and carefully.

We are a strategic partner for you:

  • To monitor and develop product quality and features
  • Development of an intelligent and learning production process and for resource efficiency
  • Production risk management (quality fluctuations and production interruptions)
  • Digitization of production, efficient utilization of data and real-time

Modelling and simulation technology can be utilised in many ways in the development of industrial production and processes. The challenges our customers are faced with may include production outages, quality problems or energy consumption. Our modelling and digital twin applications can be used for the following purposes, for example:

  • Product development
  • Production optimisation
  • Maintenance
  • Testing
  • Information collection and information-based management
  • Sales situations

Our customers value us thanks to the high quality, proficiency and confidentiality of the services we provide. We convert mathematical methods into software solutions, select the ones that meet the specific need from our wide selection, and present the results clearly with thorough justifications.

  • We improve the efficiency and competitiveness of your production machines
  • Avoid mistakes and unnecessary prototyping in product development
  • Fault situations are found faster and long production interruptions are avoided
  • Demonstrate the benefits to the customer accurately and credibly in the sales situation

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