Numerola is an expert in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) based on the physics of air flows. We are a developer of CFD modelling for wind power production analyses. We have a comprehensive understanding and extensive experience in the design of wind power solutions for Finnish conditions, as well as the best technologies to calculate the effects of varying terrain types and wooded areas on production. We produce accurate, unbiased and bankable production analyses.

  • Wide-ranging insight to support wind power design
  • Increased credibility for a project
  • Accurate and unbiased data on production potential and environmental impacts
  • Clear, accurate and bankable production analyses

Our expertise is available to you in all phases of the planning and development of wind power projects. We produce information on the production potential of planned wind power projects and their environmental impacts, such as noise, flicker and visibility. Our goal is to ensure that wind power systems are positioned in locations where the production conditions are optimal and the possible detriments are at an acceptable level.

In the analysis process, we utilise multiple parallel analysis methods as well as our own highly advanced modelling environment. We provide clear and thorough reports on the production potential and environmental impacts. This ensures that our production estimates are accurate and meet the requirements of investment banks and authorities.

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Pasi Tarvainen


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