We indicate forest areas susceptible to storm damage

We serve forest, telecommunication and power grid companies as well as authorities with our unique digital survey of storm damage risks. Numerola’s CFD-based wind condition modelling generates accurate and illustrative data on the risk of storm damage in various wooded areas. Simulation allows for the planning and prioritisation of investments related to maintenance reliability. Wind modelling helps to anticipate the need for maintenance resources and their allocation in the event of an approaching storm.

  • Increased security of supply for power companies
  • Fulfilment of regulatory obligations regarding maintenance reliability
  • Cost savings through the correct prioritisation of investments
  • More accurate anticipatory resource allocation
  • Facts on decision-making regarding forest maintenance

Numerola’s storm modelling technology is based on precise air flow physics, tree strength modelling and long-term data on wind conditions and storm history. We have developed the service leveraging our strong mathematical expertise. The risk analyses enabled by our technology enable the identification of areas susceptible to storm damage, which makes it much easier to prepare for risks. Risk analyses and their map visualisations allow for cost efficiency in the development of power lines and the care and maintenance of the trees around them. The result materials can be integrated into the customer’s own system, which means that they can also be used for other purposes.

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